Joe Cabrera

Committed to making the web move faster one day at a time.

Papers, Talks, and Presentations

Large Scale Similar Song Retrieval Using Beat-Aligned Chroma Patch Codebook With Location Verification

Presented at the International Conference on Signal Processing and Multimedia Applications (SIGMAP) 2012

Building a data processing pipeline in Python

Presented at PyGotham 2015

Indexing all the things: Building your search engine in Python

Presented at PyGotham 2017

High Performance Python Microservice Communication

Presented at PyBay 2018

Types my way: Static Typing in Python

Presented at PyTennessee 2020

Open Source Projects


python-xbrl is a library for parsing xbrl documents providing output as both a basic model object and serialized objects through marshmallow for rendering into standards formats like JSON or HTTP API.


various python-xbrl middlewares for python-xbrl-based API wrappers


DIY-FilingsResearch is an information retrieval product tailored for financial documents.


Flask-OAuth2-devices is an extension to Flask that helps you to create the device flow for OAuth2 providers. It is based on the implementation provided by Google and Section 3.7 of the OAuth 2.05 specification.

StockTwits comments

Simple Dashing widget to display recent StockTwits data for a specific ticker symbol using the StockTwits API.

Twitter comments

Simple Dashing widget to display recent Twitter data for a specific ticker symbol.